About Us

Development   &   Project Consultants


What We Do

Redstone currently serves a variety of client’s investment and business consulting needs. working primarily in the retailing business together with commercial real estate investment and development market sectors. redstone serves as an exclusive market and business consultant for a handful of national and regional businesses.


A Trusted Advisor

Redstone analyzes, forecasts, acquires, dismantles and consults in addition to providing exclusive real estate brokerage services for acquisition and sale transactions as well as liquidations. during the 2009-2013 “new normal” real estate market, redstone provided receivership and workout consulting for various midwest and national lenders.


Proven Experience

Redstone and its staff worked as a contractor managing and disposing of troubled real estate and business receivership portfolios. Accomplishing asset repositioning for multiple plaintiffs, lenders, and attorneys in multiple states. Managed dozens of cases establishing real asset values, while managing revenues, liquidations, viability analysis and turnarounds. Under differing legal interpretations and authorities in various jurisdictions. ultimately, crafting, approved workable exit strategies within the preferred time frames and value ranges.

Strategic Development

As a developer, redstone constructed, managed, and transacted millions of dollars of commercial and residential real estate throughout michigan, illinois and indiana. including the redevelopment of the detroit redwings nhl skate facility in birch run michigan. redstone focused heavily in high density mixed use projects through the 90’s and most recently concentrating on retail commercial real estate redevelopment.

Prior Developments

Redstone served as a preferred developer for several national and regional retailers seeking to develop new sites. including, ace hardware, goodwill industries, verizon, chase, dollar general, movie gallery, and salvation army, to name a few. redstone began primarily as a construction and land development company, building and/or transacting over 5,000 residential parcels and residential units over those early years, including redevelopments under historical preservation criteria. of those units, 1,200 involved ownership, project construction, and/or some form of syndication and sale.